Meet the alpacas


Have an escorted tour of the farm meeting all the alpacas – have their colours, shapes and sizes explained to you!

Our alpacas are categorized according to phenotype (Suri or Huacaya), sex and age.

Learn about their fibre and its qualities.
How fleece becomes Wool.
From shearing to tumbling…
From suinting, to carding…
From spinning to weaving…

Learn about the whole process that transforms the fleece shorn from the animal to the garments that you wear!

Group Tours: 

By Appointment only, preferably at 2.30 Saturday and Sundays.

Hats, sunscreen and sensible shoes are recommended.

Cool drinks, tea, coffee and biscuits available for sale.

Price list

Photographic shoots

By appointment only.

2 and a half hours @ R1000 per session, A place is available for clothing changes, makeup etc.

We try to persuade the alpacas to stand near the models but there are no guarantees. :)

We have various props – arches, chiffon, flowers, carriages.

If any booking has to be cancelled due to rain then we can set up a new date.